The winner will be the Cover Model for the HOT 100 April 2018 Travel Issue of HAITI OPEN Magazine.

Voting Categories: All Talents, Popular Talents and Haiti-based Talents. The top three talents in each category will make the final top 10, and our judges will vote on the final 10 to select an overall winner.

DISCLAIMER: Some women in the “Popular Talents” and “Haiti-based Talents” categories were selected by HAITI OPEN. These talents may choose to be removed from the contest. To be removed, please e-mail us at

First, do we have a lot of GORGEOUS Haitian women, or what?

There’s so much more to these talented beautiful women than just 3 photos. The photo contest is just a beginning, one that will help us develop a platform to allow Haitian women to shine.

At the end of the contest, we will not rank anyone per se. No one will have a numeric (#5, #11, or #99) ranking when the voting ends. This is a friendly contest that’s about making the HOT 100 LIST and finding a cover model for our upcoming travel edition to help promote Haiti.

A total of 110 women entered (All Talents), and HAITI OPEN selected 20 Haiti-based Talents and 20 Popular Talents to come up with an even 150 contestants in total. We’ll search and select more popular talents and Haiti-based talents next year; our apologies to anyone we missed this year.

If you’re one of the lucky 150, here’s what to do next:

Goal #1. Get enough votes to make the HOT 100 LIST, we have 150 contestants in total. Someone can vote on a contestant every 6 hours.

Have fans, friends and family vote for you up to 4 times a day and share your contest profile on Facebook and Twitter to accumulate votes.

Goal #2. Get enough votes to make the top 3 in your category. The top 3 from each category will make the final 10, and our judges will vote on an overall winner. That winner will be HAITI OPEN Magazine’s 2018 Sexiest Haitian Woman, and will grace the cover of our upcoming April 15th, 2018 travel edition, which promotes summer travel to Haiti.

OFFICIAL JUDGES: Carel Pedre (@carelpedre), Hugue-Robert Marsan (@hrmarsanphoto), Cynthia Verna (@chefthia), Mackinley Madhere (@spexphoto), and Samanta Raymond @welcome_to_haiti

The voting will last for 30 days, from December 15th, 2017 through January 15th, 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us via the contest e-mail:

Good luck to all!